Murali Symphony – Sterling silver flute


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Inline sterling silver handmade flute, soldered toneholes tubing thickness 0.018", pointed arm keys, Boston style headjoint cut, D# roller, B foot, patented Murali magnetic pads, 10k gold springs

Last two pieces, both inline. We won't be making these for a little while. Working on the new designs for wood flute and drawn tonehole silver flutes. Huge discount on the remaining two! This is way below the production cost.

For comparison, all Boston made silver flutes were with pinned mechanism not long ago, but they have all switched to pinless on the high end models with soldered toneholes, so there is no current equivalent model to this one. Pinless flutes with these specs are over $15,000 normally. Earlier Powell Flute of these specs was selling for $12,500 as well. Our magnetic pads give extra precision, speed, and resonance.